Tuesday, August 28, 2012

almost off my bucket list

it was a stressful morning. since last night, i've been praying to God to give us 4 balcony 1 seats for tomorrow's (wednesday) show. when i finally called TicketWorld this morning, lo and behold.. tickets are sold out. but before the bad news sunk into me, i've heard the BEST NEWS - the student discount has been extended until the last day of the show! NOW PREACH ABOUT HOW GREAT GOD WORKS!

because tickets for The Phantom of the Opera runs out fast, decided to get my ticket this afternoon so i can finally feel SECURED of seeing it. and what's more, i got allowed to reserve the two seats beside me for my two other friends, Angela and Alyssa! we don't have to worry anymore whether we'll still be sitting together or not. all stress down, all set for wednesday next week!

though i felt like my excitement got "bitin", i'm still SO GRATEFUL that i'd be watching this. i was srsly hoping and praying for this since i saw its first ad out. i promised myself i would not miss THIS one. and yes, it's part of God's plan for me to see this. :)

secured my ticket for the show, i just have to go and see it finally so it's off my bucket list!
(taken from my instagram)

i'm too excited, i can't wait any longerrrr.... THE PHAAAAAAAANTOM OF THE OPERA IS HEEEEEEERE!

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