Thursday, September 6, 2012

the Phantom inside my mind


as previously blogged over here, anticipation of September 5 has finally come to an end. and i was soooooo excited (actually an understatement!) since the moment i woke up until i sat down on my theatre seat. the day i'll see the Phantom, the day of a dream fulfilled!

DISCLAIMER: spoilers ahead. i will really write DETAILED experiences over here, so if you'd see the Phantom, do not read this first, mehehe. this might kill your amazement. come back to this after you've seen it, and let us relive those memories altogether!

a date with the Phantom enjoyed with these best girlies - Angela, Alyssa, and Shek + Cale! 

so. i actually don't know how to begin with this experience. when the first notes were played by the orchestra, i felt the "high". and srsly, i was smiling all throughout, since the beginning, and feeling kilig all over. i felt like crying too. i couldn't believe that i'm actually seeing, hearing, and feeling it in front of me. being familiar with the story and the music just makes it more enjoyable and like it has already been a part of you me.

IT WAS INDEED WORLD-CLASS. this was my first time to see a broadway musical (and thank God my first time ever was seeing the Phantom!) live, and boy i was so amazed. and stunned. their sets and costumes were so intricate. they used full out the Main Theatre stage: from ceiling to orchestra pit, and until the further back of the stage (i've never seen that Main Theatre stage as deep and as big the way they used it for this production). the Phantom comes out in places you wouldn't imagine him to be. they maximized the "levels" that can be done onstage. only a world-class production would be able to execute what they did.

and the cast, oh how i loved their performance. and wow their operatic voices, i feel like i'm hearing heavenly singers, haha. i'm also very impressed that Christine (played by Claire Lyon) can both SING AND DANCE (and to add, ballet dance - en pointe!). and Raoul, he was so stunning. even though we were seated up on balcony 1, whenever he comes out onstage and sing, you would immediately FEEL him. Anthony Downing, you are my new crush, hihi. :") the Phantom (Jonathan Roxmouth), even behind his mask, made me feel his emotions. he was indeed lovable, haha, but i still prefer Raoul's looks! *wink wink*

IT WAS MAGICAL. true story, haha. there are parts in the production that made me wonder how it happened and how they did it. their execution left me awed and speechless, making me believe that magic is real. and up until now, the end left me hanging on how that was done. and i didn't even blink on that part, hahaha! with the surround sound of the theatre, it made me feel like the Phantom was beside me. or maybe behind. or faraway. an experience that would make you feel part of the magic, but at the same time witnessing the wonders.

FAVORITES. okay, now i'm off to list in details my favorite scenes!
1. the raising of the chandelier in the beginning. with those sparks and all, it marked the "resurrection" of the Phantom story. though when the famous chandelier fall happened, it wasn't as amazing because it wasn't "sudden". sayang because you're already expecting it to fall, hope they made it a bit faster though, haha.
2. Phantom's hideout. it was easier to believe the kind of hideout he has on the movie, but actually seeing it live was something else. they placed "candlelights" on stage on spots where it would just light and then disappear. and the moving candlelight stands, amazing too! and the fog just added the feeling like they were really rowing in a lake or something. and how they got "down" there was amazing too! they had this going down-like illusion or something, hahaha. my most favorite set on the whole play!
3. MASQUERAAAAAADE. oh when this part played, my spirit srsly got high to the highest high. and with them on that staircase dancing and singing, i felt like i was dreaming and i wasn't seeing it live. haha. epic part for me, seeing all of them there and all, strong impact.
4. the rooftop scene. "All I Ask of You" is one of my favorite songs, and in that part, i can't help but just fall in love with both Christine and Raoul. and how the Phantom suddenly appeared, my oh my.. my heart. :")
5. the end. magic indeed. i cannot say what happened, because i don't know what ACTUALLY happened. mind blown.

i loved everything about the Phantom experience. i'm still just currently on a high and can't write properly, hahaha! i just wished we had the chance to meet them up close after the show, but oh well. seeing it live is already a dream come true for me. i'm still in awe, in cloud nine.. i can't believe God has made a way for me to see this. i am grateful, forever.

FULL HOUSE! the theatre was packed - i think all sections, and on a Wednesday night!
the Phantom is really WORTH seeing, no regrets on every cent spent!
because they didn't come out, we settled taking pictures with the Phantom's mask, hehe.

dreams do come true, and He indeed gives the desires of our heart.
The Phantom of the Opera: check!
thank you very much, my God. :)

the power of the music of the night, the Phantom still lives inside my mind. 

and oh, The Phantom of the Opera extended (again!) its season shows! performances until October 14! catch them while you still can! do not miss the Music of the Night - "God's ultimate gift to the musical theatre"! :)


  1. OH JOH. World class indeed. So glaaaad you got to watch it too, heeeheee. Brilliant, bravo bravo :)

    1. hahaha, i won't miss it for anything else! dream come true moment! LOVED IT TO BITS. <3