Friday, June 15, 2012

Beauty from Ashes - Acts Manila 2012

oh hiiiiii, sorry for being gone too long! stressful summer is over, of course with so much to blog about! i will start with the main highlight - Acts Manila's recent recital at the CCP Main Theatre, Beauty from Ashes!

Beauty from Ashes 2012 Souvenir Program!
props to our very creative layout artist, Ms. Tes Tirol! :)
(and that cover girl? hmm.)
this was my first major recital as a returning serious dancer since 2007, the year i graduated high school. i've joined 2 recitals though after (Esther in 2008 and United Colors of Dance last year, 2011), but my dancer role isn't as major as my teacher role. (because i was in college, my schedule and school workload won't allow me to get into regular dance classes. :( glad i'm already done with school!!!) this year, i had a more serious role as a dancer, gaining a solo for the classical ballet Paquita and a part in the trio for an Acts Manila choreography, Bach's Passion. no, my teaching role didn't subside; in fact, this is my first year having a "director" title for Palms Country Club ballet, which i've been handling since 2006. God has been really faithful in giving me the best of both dancing and teaching, i couldn't be anymore grateful that i am able to handle both.

i never felt so excited and soooo nervous at the same time for a show like this before. i've done so many recitals and performances already, but i still felt like this was my first time. i haven't had as intense training as what we had to prepare for this show. my workload wasn't as "loaded" as the previous recital seasons. there's no other choice but to work doubly hard, keeping up with my dancing and teaching, with some admin work on the sides. frustrations hit me for so many times, even as close to the few minutes before the final show starts. inside of me, i knew i wanted to really give out my very best and come out different and stronger than before.

and yes, i knew i did. grateful that God has enabled me to go through all of these, because i won't be able to appreciate everything that comes after. i was touched with every cheer, "congratulations", and all those positive remarks. i was humbled knowing that it wasn't because of my own capabilities, but because of God's never-ending and sufficient grace. all the praises and glory only belongs to God, and Him alone, forever grateful i will just be. :)

on the other hand, i am so proud of my kiddos who performed as well! i didn't expect too much with my little cherubs (coz ya'know, their still this small, haha), i'm just so glad they were dancing on stage and they know what they were doing! nevermind them getting lost with their blockings, haha. and my LCC girls (the young scholars i'm handling) did so well! they were dancing together and pointing their feet, haha!

say hello to my dear angels!
the scholars from Lord's Christian Circle church that i'm handling! :)
indeed it was all worth it. i won't have any other things exchanged for this feeling of being on stage, dancing, and pouring my passion out. :) until the next "Curtains up"!

so glad to be reunited and dancing AGAIN with my high school
bestfriend (and twin!), Shekinah Ciudad! <3
"To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak."- Hopi Indian Saying
blessed and grateful to be dancing with these girls who
share the same passion. (hello Bei and Shek!)
long lost sister! so glad to see Agatha again after two years!
she watched during the first night of the show.
a very dear and close friend from high school, supporting us
all the way - Jess Orleans :)
of course the gang is (almost) complete! mi Super Friends with Tita D
after the second night's show. 
"Out of these ashes, beauty will rise!" 


  1. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! :)

    1. aaahhh laurabee, can't wait for the next show that we'll be together again! <3