Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ballet Magnificat! in Manila

last May, America's premier Christian ballet company - Ballet Magnificat! visited Manila as part of their Asian tour. we got the privilege to watch them perform live at the Faith Academy. seeing them was more of an experience for the heart, and not just the pleasure to watch a really good ballet show. while they were dancing, you can really feel their hearts worshipping God and moving the audience. i'm glad to have seen them here in Manila, but i'm looking forward to watching more of their performances in the future. :)

Ballet Magnificat!'s show at Faith Academy last May 5
photo credits to Ms. Tes Tirol :)

the Acts Manila family with Ballet Magnificat!

at Acts Manila, we were privileged to have a whole day workshop (May 8) in classical technique and creative worship with 3 guest teachers from Ballet Magnificat!. they handled 3 classes in different levels - kids, intermediate, and advanced / company class. the visiting teachers were Rebecca Grove, Christina Hudson, and Esther Choi, who are all members of the Alpha company.

Ballet Magnificat! guest teachers Esther, Christina, and Rebecca
(with Shek, me, and Bea!)
kids' class with teacher - Rebecca Grove
intermediate ballet with teacher - Esther Choi

same as their show, the workshop was refreshing. most especially the creative worship class, it opened our hearts to freely express passion through movements. seeing them do it right in front of us is like speaking directly to our spirits to just let go and worship God. more than being technically good, what moves audiences is their heart to lead others to Christ through their dancing. they srsly have everything - the body, high extensions, turns, performing quality, and most importantly, passion for both dance and God.

Christina Hudson sharing the Word during the creative worship session
Esther Choi during their demonstration of creative worship dancing
Rebecca Grove
Christina leading the dancers by giving movements for creative worship

i'm praying that someday, i'd get to visit and take classes with Ballet Magnificat! in Mississippi. but if i won't be able to, at least i got to experience having them here already. i just wish they stayed for a whole week (or so) though, so we got to experience more of them! after seeing them, i had really high hopes that Acts Manila would someday be like Ballet Magnificat! 

the kids' class
intermediate ballet
Acts Manila company - photo from Jem Rodriguez
(we performed for them, hence the costume, heehee)
with the Acts Manila teachers

PS. i want to see Esther Choi again! so please God, let me go to Mississippi. :D

hihi, fan-girling over our girl crush, Esther Choi :")

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