Saturday, January 14, 2012

a few good stuff

and so 2 days after fasting.. the stress began.

but before i look into the stressful events, i shall take time to remember and appreciate the few (but memorable) good stuff that has happened since the start of this year.

1) i got hired as the marketing assistant + company manager for Acts Manila (the company) and ACTS School for the Performing Arts (the school). now added to my so many other roles.

2) shekinah ciudad, my best friend since middle school, is back to dancing with us! hi shekishake, i lalalalaove you! this made me really SO happy. original company, we'll be all together again someday.

3) Palms ballet is now under me.. officially. having been teaching there since i was 3rd year high school, the directorship has been transferred to me now (after 5 something years).

4.) i've been getting encouraging words from God. with the book i'm currently finishing, i get to challenge myself to face anything and be braver. it's not only that i can walk on water, but actually jump out of the boat and not worry how deep i'd be falling. my faith is again put to challenge, and i believe i will come out stronger.

5.) i'm surviving living through the grace of God each day, and i know that will always be enough to be grateful for.

and on some lighter note..
6.) BonChon is finally open in town! YAY FOR BONCHON IN THE SOUTH!!! can't wait for Banapple to be open as well!

7.) i lost 3 pounds! i know but.. it just feels good to lose some weight. pagbigyan niyo na ako matuwa, k. :")

thank you Lord for a good start for this year. here's for more to come.
please, don't let me freak out too much because of the workload stress. help me keep calm and.. keri lang.


  1. lumelevel up ang life natin, and you lost 3 pounds? may gagaan pa ba sayo? :)) haha i miss you! <3

  2. hey hey, i miss you more! :") dunat worry, nagulat din ako that i lost pounds. di ko inexpect, pero since ganun na nga nangyari, matuwa na lang ako. HAHAHA. kikay date soon! <3