Monday, January 23, 2012

#kikayproblems: what to do with my hair

November last year, i did something for the first time. well not really first time, but something new and different. before that, i've had my hair colored twice: one before my graduation in Feb and another in June, but both not so noticeable, as i was still hesitant of going different with my hair. after getting inspired with various hairstyles i saw around the web (mostly in tumblr, hoho), i finally decided i would "style" my hair. i fell in love with this ombre style, with highlights only from the mid to tips of the hair. it fits my hesitation (haha), because i still didn't like to go all-out with hairstyling. i gave it a try, and that first time on having a "hairstyle" was really worth it. (note: all my life, i've worn my hair in straight or just plain layered cut. i need to maintain my hair long because i bun my hair for ballet. and also, i didn't like having bangs because it irritates my eyes.)

TADA! my ombre hair after mila kunis peg, hahaha. the curls lasted only for a good 4 hours.
loved it while it lasted, for my hair was just too straight to curl. HAHA.
i'm planning to have another hair color adventure for this year (but not as wild as you think!). but for now, i really want to have a haircut. of course, i still won't change my layered style hair, hahaha. i'm just not ready to go real short, or even medium cut (though i have done that in the past) because it's show season: pictorials coming up in march and recital in may. i've been looking around for inspirations (aka pegs) and so far, these are the ones i liked.

looking into not-so-neat layers, something that won't require blow dry or anything, because i don't have time to do that. i live by brushing my hair and then go, haha. most likely i'll be doing any of these.

top 1 choice!

top 2 (hello girl crush, alessandra ambrosio <3)

top 3

considering this style also, but i feel that it will look best when blow-dried.

anyway highway, so that's my #kikayproblem for now. thinking of getting my haircut end January or early Feb. i still have time to decide on what to do with my hair, haha. 

PS. photos found from all over the web, thank you Google.

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