Friday, January 13, 2012

Lord, I'm amazed by You..

ended the 7-day fasting tonight by attending the breaking the fast prayer meeting in VCF alabang. i really wanted to attend this one because last year, it gave me a refreshing feeling after the fast. true enough, i felt the same way and more.. i felt strengthened, renewed, hopeful, and fearless.

i committed to fast from twitter and facebook for the whole 7 days and from having only one meal a day on some days that i had less dancing and teaching load. and yes, i proved that i can survive (a week!) without twitter and facebook, though admittedly i missed twitter A LOT. i prevented myself from venting out, from sharing whatever's on my brain, hahaha. and i think what helped me the most is having this prayer and fasting graphic as my wallpaper. it reminded me not to open those two sites, and there's no excuse for "accidentally" forgetting.

my fasting week wallpaper + prayer points for the day

anyway, if there's one thing that God has really taught me during this fast is to (this may sound funny, but srsly).. REST. before 2011 ended, He gave me a word about enlargement. as the year opened, i received promotions and added workload. no complains! in fact, im grateful for all that i've been receiving. i know it was from God and His timing isn't bad for His plan. but of course, my brain is stressed. though physically, there's not much demand yet, but my brain is already starting to worry about possible demanding workload.

ever since the fasting week started friday last week, i've been sleeping early. early as in before 12 midnight, and the latest of that "early" bed time being before 1am. that was unusual because considering last december, i've been sleeping sometime between 3-4am.. doing nothing. 

God used my time of "weakness" to make me rest. i remember also reading from a book that during our time of rest is when God works in us. i'm the type of person who is always on the go; i don't like waiting, i don't like wasting time. i'd always find something to do and i'd always accept every opportunity to just do something. what God has taught me is this: let Him take control. i need time to "rest", to inquire of God and to wait on Him. 

enlargement was the word i got as 2011 ended. resting was what i learned as the year opened. in reality, they are really opposites. and for now, these words doesn't make much sense to me. i still have 354 days to know what this is all about. for 7 days, He showed me His love, proved His control, and provided His grace. and for the rest of the year, i'll hold on to these experiences as i continue seeking for answered prayers and miracles.

Lord, I'm amazed by You.. how You love me.

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