Friday, April 18, 2014

time flies, or maybe skyrockets

ola, i would like to say thank you because, despite of me being very much inactive in updating this blog, i've still been getting even a few views every now and then. thank you for keeping my only space alive, weeeee. :")

i can't believe April is almost done. since my last update, i just bid goodbye to 2013 and welcomed 2014. it seems i just wrote it a few weeks ago, but in truth it feels like ages since then. saying that so much has happened since then is an understatement. it has been a wildly hectic first quarter of the year. (i was sick for the whole month of March, with fever coming and going, and then again + lost my voice, and not to mention there was one night i woke up throwing up! spell PAGOD!) with weekdays and weekends fully-loaded, i felt time was just passing me by. days went by too fast as things get done a day at a time. i felt that with more things i get done, the more the days are going by before me. i knew there was enough time before me, but i felt like i was running out of it.

nevertheless, there are so many things that i'm grateful for. still being on the first quarter of the year, i've had faith goals achieved already. prayers have been answered. plans have been confirmed. God has been teaching me to live according to His timetable. right now it seems that i've been being taken too fast, but when i look into His answers, those have been long-time goals and prayers. it might have taken me too long to receive His answers, but it was the right time to receive them. i would not have learned on how to hold on to Him tighter and trusted in Him deeper if i had received those answers right away. time might have passed by already waiting for God's responses, but i felt progress and growth. none of these i would have realized if things just came in an instant.

during one of our life 101 sessions after rehearsals, i received this word from Shek about time. that i should not think of it running out, or coming in too fast. that i should take it a day at a time, enjoying the "now". there are days when i really get very very very impatient, and some days that i feel like i'm being dragged on to get by. time can consume and control us, but we can choose to enjoy and live by it. it is really hard for me to keep waiting, for being the organized OC that i am, i have a lot on my mental to-do list that needs to be ticked. waiting may sometimes be the hardest part, but the lesson is there. it is not mainly on the goal, but the process.

i might wake up tomorrow realizing it's already September. but hey, there are still a lot of days in between now and then. there are still more days to enjoy and look forward to (and yes, more hectic days ahead). i seriously want time to pause for a while and let me catch up. but it waits for no one; either you seize the day or regret it. in God's timing, He will never take us too slow nor too fast. it will always be the right time for us. it will always be better to look into His timing and hold on to His speed rather than relying on the calendar's turn.

it's Friday today, wow it's the weekend already??

PS. i also celebrated my birthday last week, turning a year older huhu. but i'm blessed to be 24. it may sound old by now (and it feels like it too!), but i can't be more grateful that i am where i am right now at this age. i still have a long way to go, but i know i've gone far enough already by this time. God has been faithful; He has loved me for 24 years and has never left my side, imagine that?!

birthday cake + balloons + flowers and a gorgeous portrait
from my Acts Manila family :")

what a surprise, surprise from Acts Manila! 

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