Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dear 2013

when i started this year with the faith goal of facing it "bravely", i seriously had no idea how i would do it. i had no idea what i was up to. the challenges you had for me. the fears i would be facing. the ways on how i would be dealing with courage. in that moment i just thought, well, this is a good assignment to take on for the year. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

now looking back, i never thought accepting that challenge would be my first "bravery" act. being the OC that i am, i always prefer to know details before giving my yes. but with this, blinded and taking everything by faith, i just went on with it. i'm glad i did. yes, i'm glad that i started the year willing to take risks and just let God lead me through. well, so we've got a good start there huh, haha.

i'm thankful that you've taken me beyond my limits, my capabilities, and most importantly beyond my fears. your year may not have been the best one, nor the worst, but you've been like one of those "necessary measures" that i had to take to be able to become better, stronger, more equipped and prepared. going through this journey, you've made me realize what else i can do and who i can still be. you've given me instances ranging from easy-peasy to ultimately heart-breaking that proved my courage. you've brought me to mourning day and night, but i've seen more of God's love holding me on. oh 2013 you've never been easy; truly tough, but the results are worth going through those pains.

you've taught me how to face my fears, and now i've never been as encouraged to deal with them. you've brought me to a deep loss, yet you've showed me what else i have to look after. you've given me a lot, but you also took away, keeping me reminded that things will come and go. you've shown me worthy ones to keep and those whom will stand by me no matter what. most of all, you've proven that God will be forever faithful - in the highs and lows, in joy and in tears, in abundance and in emptiness.

i'm grateful to where you've taken me in this life's journey. your chapter may have already been done, but i will forever carry those lessons you've had for me. you have brought change in my life that i am grateful for and growth that would prove how i'll be standing in the future storms. i may not be completely fear-free, but definitely fearless in dealing with them. courage has proven its existence in my life, and being brave will now be part of dealing whatever this life has to offer.

THANK YOU, 2013! you've made me conquer fears and take on bravery. faith goal achieved! your life lessons will definitely come in handy this new season. i am now more confident in facing 2014, with God's promises of "new" things.

"But forget all that - it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland." ~ Isaiah 43:18-19 NLT

adios, 2013 - OLA 2014!

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