Tuesday, August 13, 2013

the week that has finally arrived

..and i never thought i would reach this far.

me and Shek on the plane bound for HK!

Monday, August 12 - we arrived here in Hong Kong for the Asian Grand Prix competition that will open Tuesday, August 13. the week that we have been preparing for monthsssss is finally culminating. and in that journey, bittersweet it may seem, God has been truly faithful.

as i've previously shared on this blog, God has given me this assignment to be able to face and conquer my fears. and now the time has come to overcome them onstage. God has already fulfilled His part of answering for all of my needs in this journey. now, i'm holding on to His word that as i finally conquer the stage, His hand won't leave me until the end.

yes, i am so nervous. yes, i am still frightened. yes, i still feel that i am not good enough.
but God being the faithful God that He is, has been giving me strength and courage that i would need. i used to wish for this to be over as soon, but now that the end is approaching, all the more i'm cherishing every single moment there is. this has been a one-of-a-kind experience for me, not only because it is my first, but God has really proven His love and greater plans for me.

i wonder how this will end.
no matter what competition result i would get, i would still be thankful i went through this.
that no matter what happens, i would still be so grateful to have witnessed God's greatness in my life.
because i went through this, i know i've already glorified my God. :")

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