Wednesday, December 19, 2012

'tis the season to be jolly


i know, i know.. i haven't been updating this blog for quite sometime. too much has happened, yes. i still can't figure where and how to start blogging about what has happened since, well, the last time i blogged.

for now, i'm just praying really hard about what to look forward to for the coming year. this year has been one good roller coaster ride, too many ups, and of course, downsides as well. but with what i've had recently, i'm getting disheartened and losing hope of what to "want" for. if there's anything i could ask for, it would be that i wish i can know everything. but, i am no God right? too far from being one.

with all of these thoughts and wishes, i just pray for more strength. grateful to have people around me who have "been there, done that", whom i can seek for encouragement and hope. one thing i've learned this year that has been consistent - God has something better in store. with this promise, i feel His peace.

so anyway highway, i've finally felt excited for the Christmas season. i know, it's just a few days away - i'm such a late bloomer, hahaha. the cold night breeze has arrived, after having summer-y heat for the early December days. and the only Christmas party celebration i always look forward to - the ballet company party - will be tonight! and with the gifts i've already prepared, i'm excited to give them. (though i still need to get a lot more for last minute shopping, aaaahh!) indeed, i'm beginning to have myself in the season's jolly mode. :)

and to you as well, begin to look into the jolliness of this season! with whatever you're going through, there's always something better to hold on to and believe in. :)

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