Wednesday, August 8, 2012

a tribute to summer days

since last week, it has been raining every single day, and then now - it has been non-stop. as i've mentioned in this blog not so long ago, i'm really not a fan of rainy days. i prefer those bright sunny days of summer, than this rainy season.

and with that, i'm missing more of those summer days. warning: you'll be flooded with my best summer memories / photos from recent years.

let's start with 2012: the memorable Fontana experience last June! it was our first out of town sleepover + swimming trip with college (aka dudung-slash-super) friends. we did mostly swimming and eating, then watched adele's concert + a bit of one more chance. epic fail moment: we slept through the whole morning! goodbye early swimming / basketball / jogging / watch manny pacquiao fight / breakfast outside and those other plans. nagkahiyaan na mag-gisingan, ang sarap kasi ng tulog! hahaha!

epic Fontana moments with Angela, Alyssa, Gerald, Marcell, and Dotay.
super friends = super love <3
tourist photo moments! at the entrance of the water park, by the bleachers at the olympic pool area,
by the man-made waterfalls, and the bridge. fontana tour talaga! :D
my favorite group shot! courtesy of Dotay, hehe. 

for 2011, the most memorable one was Acts Manila's HK Missions Trip. it started to rain already in Manila when we left for HK, but since it still fell on the supposedly summer months, included na siya in this tribute! mehehehe.

we danced in several churches and schools, went around the city for prayer walk, and had time together with artists from HK Disneyland through another EN branch in HK. it was a really awesome first time experience of ministering to others through dance, and in a different country. can't wait for the next missions trip!

and as a "surprise" treat, HK Disneyland on our last full day! it was part of our city tour!

at the Avenue of Stars - city tour first stop!
(or jewelry thing?)
yay, finally in Disneyland! <3
of course, it had to be in ballet poses! :")

2010: first out of town trip with the dudungs! destination: Subic! funny how we got there, coz we were just planning on having a swimming day in Marcelo Village just here in the south. but then, Angela had this trip pala with her family to Subic on the same day we planned on the swimming. so, instead of canceling and postponing, they (the Dorio family) just invited us to come with them - and so the Subic trip! the beginning of endless fun with ze dudungs!

Dudung Day with Gerald, Tracy, Angela, and Tringy!
mehehe, i love this picture :")
mehehe, i love you friends <3 

2009: Anilao - the overnight beach adventure with HS batchmates! i srsly didn't get any sleep during that trip. but anyway, it was fun having to cook and prepare our own food, haha. and that boat ride to the beach with sand. (sadly, this was the last beach trip i have so far with HS friends! :| i wonder when's the next one? hihi)

yo food preps!
boat ride to the beach + swimming time
aahhh best HS friends :")
fave! *insert hearts here*

insert: some pretty sunrise shots. (told ya, didn't get to sleep!)

2008: i'm giving two best summer memories from this year. let's start with the beach trip to Laiya with HS batchmates! this was the first one i've had with them. fun fun, of course!

why hello there :)
favorite couple - iel and cej! they have so much photos from that trip, haha.
cutieeeee, miss 'em both so much!
that jump shot
i lalalalalalove this photo just because. 

and for the second part of 2008: the sleepover + swimming surprise for Teacher Chelo! it's THE BEST ever (so far) that we've had! we did all the photos + scrapbook stuff (insert wii moments) until about 4am. then the next morning, swimming surprise! epic and fun; there's just so much love with the ballet buds! <3 <3 <3

such a productive sleepover! (time check: around 4am)
the pretty photo string to welcome Teacher Chelo
The Company of Acts, 2008 :)
we are cool and fun
so much lovin' for these girlsssss! :")

i'm srsly missing summer days. i actually enjoyed doing this because i'd get to browse and reminisce memories. i hope mr. sun decides to finally come out tomorrow. i'm tired of the rains and they make me want to cry all the time already, haha. anyway, summer days, i long to see you soon. (even though you're still so many months away)

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