Sunday, February 19, 2012


the first kikay date of 2012: Nuvali + Soderno adventure!
decided to go to Nuvali to check out the Aldo liquidation store, hoping to find the shoes that i wanted from there. since it was all about shoes, my kikay friends joined in the shopping adventure! but we didn't get to find the same pair (or any other nice pair) from Aldo so we decided to just check out other stores. went to Payless and we found really pretty and CHEAP boots on sale (boots for 800 pesos, HELLOOO!! *hyperventilating*)! to keep our mind sane before buying, we decided to get Serenitea and chill for a while. then after, the three of us finally decided to get boots, hihi. *happy dance*

kikay frieeeends - Angela and Tracy!

my milk tea partner, hihi. (photo from Angela)

by the "lake" in nuvali!

why hello Tringy the ducky!

awkward bunny, panda eyes, tiger whiskers
(sorry people, we just had to represent ourselves, haha)

after the shoe shopping, off to Soderno for dinner! we got food for sharing, so we can try whatever good food there is. the shawarma rice and the mini tacos were the best! we also tried the bagwang (some sort of bagnet), isaw, the deep dish pizza something (that had a weird taste we can't distinguish), and the samosa wrap (chicken shawarma with something, yummy too!). all of them were worth trying (except for the deep dish pizza flavor we got, maybe try something else, haha)! we got cookie dough mochiko before finally leaving. i personally regret not trying the red velvet cake which was soooo tempting! </3 i will definitely go back there and try that!


and the highlight of the day: the SUPER kikay boots!

the pretty and PRETTY CHEAP boots! it srsly looks good with anything! indeed a pair worth-having :")

'coz some adventures are best enjoyed with you're with your girlfriends. until the next kikay date, my kikay friends! ♥

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