Sunday, February 19, 2012

1 year ago since..

hello, i'm officially out-of-school aka a graduate!
February 19, 2011
honorable mention award.. something i didn't expect. GOD IS SO GOOD!

honestly, i still don't miss being in school that much. maybe because i'm enjoying where i am right now? haha. but i love being in school, studying, learning new things.. minus the stress and pressure or deadlines and all those requirements. mehehehe. i still plan to go back to school. i still dream of studying abroad. i still want to get a masteral degree. (or maybe another degree?) only God knows when and how. for now, i'm praying of what specific degree to take next. when and where will follow after i've figured out what i want. :)

dear Lord, i'm still grateful for sustaining me in my college years. i am forever humbled on how you worked in my life during those times. i couldn't anymore be happier that i chose to follow where you led me. it made me understand how everything works for according to your plan. continue to lead me Lord, where you want me to be.

my only online photo available in toga and in picc! hello, Shekinaaaah! <3
(the others were printed ones of me getting my "diploma" and a family picture, hehe)

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