Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Midnight Miracle

I was ready to cry. I was already preparing myself to mourn and express my heartbreak.

It was already past midnight when i decided to bring out my laptop from my bag. I wanted to ignore it. But, there was this nudge i felt that i had to open it.

I never thought i would be sharing this story this way. I was not ready for the surprise.

It all started Sunday last week when i woke up. I immediately checked on my computer because i left it open during the night to finish downloading. I clicked on the trackpad, and nothing showed up on the screen. I thought maybe the battery got drained, so i plugged it in. The charger indicated an orange light, so i assumed it was just low batt. A few more minutes, i tried turning it back on again - there was still nothing. No sound, no light indicator, no white screen. I panicked. Just a month ago, i had another laptop trouble with my hard drive failing. I can't afford (financially and emotionally haha) to go through it again, and there were still some things i needed to finish. I waited again. After some time, the charger indicated green, so i assumed it was fully charged. I pressed the power button again. Still, no sign of life. I prayed. Cried. And eventually gave up for the day.

I brought it to the service repair center the next day. There was still no sign of life even though they tried to do some troubleshooting. I left it with them for diagnosis, and anxiously waited for their email regarding the matter.

Thursday arrived and the email came in. I was in shock with the ridiculous amount i had to spend for the repair and replacement. Because there was still no power and anything that appeared on the computer as the engineer checked, they diagnosed my laptop for MLB (macbook logic board - the main thing that keeps the laptop working. it's a major MAJOR part, so if it fails, that's the end of it. and it's very very expensive!) and battery replacement. The cost reached about 36 thousand pesos. Of course i totally freaked out because there's no way i can avail of that repair. I also called in the supplier where i bought my laptop to ask for their opinion. And when i told them about the diagnosis, the reaction i got was - "Oh my gosh, dear! Wala na yan!"

And that was it. They said it would be wiser to buy a new one, since the repair costs like having a new one too. That day was too depressing for me. There was nothing i can do to save it and just accept the reality of it being "dead" and useless. My prayer that day was seeking God for His plan about this. I cannot afford to buy yet a new one. I told myself - "If God let this happen, I'm sure there will be a way out." Even though it was really heartbreaking, i decided to trust God for His plan. "There's no need to rush" was something that i kept on hearing during the anxiety of the moment. And so i just waited.

With the news, i wasn't even looking forward to even claiming back my laptop from the service center. I was thinking that there will be no more use for it since it has no working part anymore. But anyway, i still decided to get it since i wanted to have a "proper closure" (yes, i am too attached like that haha) with it. While at the service center, i was told that even they - being the LEGIT Apple center - do not recommend MLB replacement. There was no assurance that the replaced part would function well and it was really costly to have it done. I asked about what else i can do with the laptop, and they said nothing else but it was already for disposal. Lost hope there again. So i claimed my "dead" laptop, with the hard drive removed because they found out it was still working.

I kept myself busy when i got home, trying to ignore the fact that i have to face my laptop again. It was already past twelve midnight when i decided to take it out from my bag. I brought it out from the bubble wrap pack and just had a sense to open it for the last time. To my greatest surprise, i heard the start-up sound and the white screen appeared. After a while, it went black again. A sign of hope! I turned it on again and again, but during the first few times the screen was just turning to white and then off. Until there was this time that a folder with a question mark appeared blinking on the screen where the Apple logo should be. I immediately thought about the removed hard drive, so i decided to unscrew the back of the laptop and place it back in.

I opened the laptop again and stared at the screen of what seemed like the longest seconds of my life waiting for something to appear. And there it was - the Apple logo and the loading circle. I whispered my first "oh my gosh". It took another while and the log-in screen appeared. I typed in my password and voila - the desktop appeared. Another "OH MY GOSH" moment. I was in total shock of what had just happened. I cannot believe that it FINALLY opened, and when i was going through it, it seemed to work just as fine and normally.

I know there was no other explanation on how it worked aside from the hand of God. There was nothing else that it can be called but a miracle. When there was no other way and means in this world, God has His own. When everything around was hopeless, God renewed my hope in Him.

With what happened, i think God wanted me to believe in miracles again. God wanted to remind me of His presence alive and working in my life. It may be a painful way to experience His reminder, but it was such an amazing revelation to me. I always try to fix things on my own that i depend too much on my abilities and resources. But God suddenly meddles in, taking the lead out of my hand, teaching me to depend solely on Him, and humbling me to rely only in His sovereignty. It gave me a new confidence in putting my trust in Him.

I was too happy last night that i could not even sleep, haha. Indeed all glory goes back to God, and only Him deserves all the praise. Typing this entry and sharing it to the world is an effect of this miracle. I thought i would never be able to see life in this unit again - but PRAISE GOD, His works are beyond our understanding.

And thank you also for this encouraging word, that i felt it being so much alive in my life right now. Your TRUTH always prevails.

"For the Lord your God is living among you. He is a mighty Savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With His love, He will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs." - Zephaniah 3:17 NLT

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