Sunday, February 17, 2013

i promise.. update this blog very soon.

i just suddenly missed blogging today, and i've realized i haven't written anything for quite a long time now. :( i am sorry. i promise to update this soon, as i've been experiencing good stuff worth writing about! and like last year, i will write about the first book i've read, which is really inspiring my year. and yeah, the first haircut for this year! (clue: i braved trying one something new again, hihi. it may not be a big deal to you, but yeah it is for me! :P)

and also, i promise to share how God is currently working on my life - the faith goals He revealed to me during the first week of the year fast, the challenges He is working on for me to face, and even the new beginnings He opened up. so far, i've been really enjoying His lead, and i couldn't think of any other way spending this year.

i promise, to reveal them to you little bits at a time. hihi. here's to really braving 2013! :)

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